server start

  • start
    Name Type Required Default Hint
    name string false short name for this server
    port numeric false 0 port number
    host string false bind to a host/ip
    openbrowser boolean false true open a browser after starting
    directory string false web root for this server
    stopPort numeric false 0 stop socket listener port number
    force boolean false false force start if status is not stopped
    debug boolean false false sets debug log level
    webConfigDir string false custom location for web context configuration
    serverConfigDir string false custom location for server configuration
    libDirs string false comma-separated list of extra lib directories for the server
    trayIcon string false path to .png file for tray icon
    webXML string false path to web.xml file used to configure the server
    HTTPEnable boolean false true enable HTTP
    SSLEnable boolean false enable SSL
    SSLPort numeric false 1443 SSL port number
    SSLCert string false SSL certificate
    SSLKey string false SSL key (required if SSLCert specified)
    SSLKeyPass string false SSL key passphrase (required if SSLCert specified)
    rewritesEnable boolean false false enable URL rewriting (default false)
    rewritesConfig string false optional URL rewriting config file path
    heapSize numeric false 0 The max heap size in megabytes you would like this server to start with, it defaults to 256mb

    Command Usage

    Start an embedded CFML server. Run command from the web root of the server.
    Please also remember to look at the plethora of arguments this command has as you can start your server with SSL, rewrites and much more.

    server start
    Start with rewrites enabled
    server start --rewritesEnable
    Start with specifc heap size
    server start heapSize=768